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We cannot fail when collecting samples!

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We cannot fail when collecting samples!

Temperature deviations outside 2-8°C
can damage COVID-19 test kit samples and results

On-site testing centers, labs and organizations that administer, manage and ship patient test kit samples are required by law to monitor the temperature of the sample. Sample temperature monitoring must occur from the point of collection, during on-site storage, and during shipment to laboratories for analysis. In the short video below, ELPRO temperature monitoring expert Martin demonstrates how to ensure the safety of COVID-19 test kit samples, pharmaceuticals, and patient safety.

We can help keep your test kits safe

ELPRO is proud to support manufacturers, medical professionals and health care organizations by joining the global mission to fight the COVID-19 virus and help ensure patient samples are safe. Our experts are prepared to assist in the traceable monitoring of critical patient test kit samples to ensure viability throughout the entire process from collection, storage and shipment to labs for analysis.


For Doctors Offices & Pharmacies

An overview of the temperature monitoring solutions doctors offices and pharmacies can use in order to ensure patient safety and reduce the risk of losing samples.

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For Hospitals & Pharmacy Chains

An overview of the temperature monitoring solutions hospitals and pharmacy chains can use in order to ensure patient safety and reduce the risk of losing samples.

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For End-to-End Monitoring of Test Kits

This temperature indicator covers end-to-end monitoring - from production of the kit until the administration to the customer. It is a pre-configured device for 2-8°C monitoring and can be attached directly to the test kit or the trays, where test kits are collected. In the following video, ELPRO temperature monitoring expert Martin explains how this indicator works.

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About Us

ELPRO is a Swiss-based, global manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech, biobanking and health care industries. ELPRO offers state-of-the-art data loggers in addition to complex temperature data monitoring systems with intelligent database solutions, and overall GxP support. Automatically generated PDFs and high data security guarantee customers worldwide always stay compliant. ELPRO’s data loggers measure temperatures from -200 °C to +200 °C.

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GxP Compliant Solutions

GAMP5 validated, CFR 21 Part 11, ISO 17025 calibrated.


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