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Get the latest ELPRO Cloud Wireless Temperature Data Logger Solution

A cloud monitoring solution with IoT temperature sensors -easy to install, change and grow

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Get the latest ELPRO Cloud Wireless Temperature Data Logger Solution

A cloud monitoring solution with IoT temperature sensors -easy to install, change and grow

Discover the world of ELPRO Cloud 

ELPRO Cloud is a GxP-compliant self-service monitoring solution. Wireless Sensors are distributed at the desired measurement spots and an easy to install Communication Bridge is plugged to the internet via Ethernet. Register your account in ELPRO Cloud and you are ready to go!


Watch the video below to see ELPRO Cloud in action!

Three Easy Steps to Monitor with ELPRO Cloud


1. Set-Up Sensors

Our wireless temperature sensors are easy to set up and can be placed anywhere in your facilities.


2. Monitor Temperature

Our Cloud Solution monitors and archives your temperature data - safe and compliant.


3. Receive Alarms

Get automated alarmings via Email or SMS when temperature limits are crossed.

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What Customers Like You Love About ELPRO Cloud


Easy to install

Wireless = easy to set up, change and grow.
No IT infrastructure required.

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

Use the Software anywhere from your
web browser or smartphone.


GxP Compliant

GAMP5 validated, CFR 21 Part 11, ISO 17025 calibrated.


User-friendly web interface

Simple to use - no programming knowledge needed.



No data loss and no wired probes, thanks to data buffering and wireless communication.


Immediate alarms

Learn immediately when critical values are exceeded or an action is needed.

Spend More Time Growing Your Business.
Less Time Managing Your Data.

The ELPRO Cloud Starter Kit contains everything you need to set up a professional GxP-compliant temperature monitoring solution including a communication module and two wireless temperature data loggers.

  • No IT Infrastructure required = no set-up costs

    Get started with our Plug & Play Solution within five minutes.

  • Easy reporting, 100% compliant

    No more manual data-logger read-out! With ELPRO Cloud you get an intuitive and efficient reporting tool that visualizes the activities of your sensors and generates reports whenever you need them.

  • FREE first year Software license for our Monitoring System

    Your starter kit includes a voucher for a free first year software license of our ELPRO Cloud monitoring system

ELPRO Cloud incl. 2 Wireless Sensors

$ 310 / Measuring point


Annual Costs:
  • Calibration: $ 190
  • Software License: $ 60*
*First year FREE


  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Monthly PDF Report
  • Calibrated Sensors
  • Integrated Data Storage
  • Alarm on Dashboard
  • Alarm 24/7 via E-Mail or SMS
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Unlimited Cloud Data Archive
  • Automated deviation reports
  • Self-Calibration possible
  • Unlimited measuring points at a glance
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Temperature Monitoring
for your Warehouse

ELPRO Cloud - Temperature Monitoring for a Warehouse

The optimal room climate is vital to ensure the quality of your stored goods. Small temperature and humidity excursions can have a great influence on the quality of your product and, in the worst case, damage goods and lead to supply shortages.

Monitoring your goods with the ELPRO cloud solution helps you react quickly to temperature and humidity excursions and thus preventing product damage before it even occurs. The solution also helps you create temperature reports for compliance audits and in discussions regarding liability issues. In addition, all temperature-relevant data is securely stored and can be exported as PDF or raw data for archiving purposes.

To sum things up:

  • No more wired thermocouples and complex installation!
  • You will receive a wireless solution for monitoring temperature fluctuations and optimising your current room climate distribution.
  • You will receive a tool to control temperature and humidity in all your warehouses.
  • You minimize the risk of damaged goods (and thus increase patient/food safety).
  • You are compliant.

Temperature Monitoring to drive
Innovation in Healthcare

ELPRO Cloud - Temperature Monitoring in a Labratory Research

To ensure the quality of your valuable research samples, the temperature of your ULT-freezers, refrigerators, incubators and heat chambers must be monitored to maintain an optimal climate. Small temperature excursions can have a big influence on the quality of your samples and in the worst case can damage them to such an extent that they can no longer be used.

ELPRO helps you protect your priceless research samples by providing you with the latest temperature monitoring solution that is GLP compliant. From freezers to fridges to monitoring your whole laboratory room temperature, we have you covered. Whether your rooms and facilities are in one building or in many buildings worldwide, the ELPRO Cloud allows you to stay connected with the data loggers. The system is specially designed to send alarms immediately when temperature limits are exceeded. In addition, all temperature-relvant data is securely stored and can be exported as PDF or raw data for archiving purposes.

To sum things up:

  • You get a GxP compliant temperature monitoring solution with easy reporting and clear warning functionalities.
  • You minimize the risk of damaged research samples.

More time for my patients -
100 % GxP compliance for my pharmacy

ELPRO Cloud - Temperature Monitoring in a Pharmacy


Temperature monitoring plays an essential role in ensuring drug efficacy and patient safety. The time, frustration and risk associated with manually creating min-max lists of temperatures can significantly interfere with daily activities, leaving you with less time for your patients. Implementing the right temperature monitoring solution allows you to spend more time with customers, ensure regulatory compliance using traceable data, and protect patients by giving you peace of mind that the medications you’re administering are safe. With the ELPRO Cloud solution you don't need an IT infrastructure. All information is available in the Cloud - anytime, anywhere. By having all data in one central location, you have faster and easier access to data, alarms and reporting functionalities you can easily pass any audit by local health authorities. In addition, storing your data in the cloud means that all your equipment and assets are connected and available online around the clock.

To sum things up:

  • You get the most reliable and cost effective temperature monitoring system with  easy reporting and clear warning functionalities
  • You ensure regulatory compliance using traceable data
  • You ensure the patient safety of the drugs administered

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